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Gliding tips for beginners

If like to try new things, gliding should be on your list. This is a sport that will make you feel adventurous and relaxed at the same time due to its nature and the way it has been developed in the last years. Gliding can be learnt at any age if you’re determined to fly on your own and see the landscape from up there.

What you need to know about gliding

Before actually flying, you should pay attention to the equipment and your health conditions. Ensure yourself that there are no medical restrictions for you and choose a high quality sailplane for your safety. Thereafter, you should know that gliders are flying only with the help of wind, which is why you need to choose a place with a windy weather to allow you to lift. Taking the altitude might be difficult but another challenge is to maintain it. If your glide produced enough lift then it should be easier to keep it at that altitude.

However, remember that if you are reaching a high altitude you should take some extra oxygen with you. Another important tip refers to landing, which can be more complex than the flying itself. The gliders have only one wheel which prevents its damage. The pilot has to make sure that he is controlling the direction as well as the wings which ideally should not come in contact with the land though they are quite heavy. So, no matter what lift source you are using, thermal or wave, you need to be convinced that you control the landing.

To conclude, you will have a lot of fun by soaring after you learn all the basic things about it and after you practice for a while. Gliding could become your favorite hobby as it will allow you not only to relax, but also to admire the beautiful places where you can fly. These are usually natural areas untouched by technology.


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