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The best places for gliding

If you are passionate about gliding, you must be thinking about the best places for it. Gliding is about flying with the help of weather conditions and the currents that are gathering in a certain area. Therefore, you should carefully choose the places for soaring if you want to fly on a longer distance.

Try the best places

Every soaring lover should know that there are several types of sources that can lift your glider. One of them is the mountain waves which can make you reach 1500 miles altitude. Sometimes is difficult to catch the wave but with some practice and realistic measures, you can successfully soar into it. So make some research about the mountains areas where gliding is possible through wave technique. Another source of lifting would be the slopes. There are many places with good slopes at the base of the mountain that allow your glider to fly even if there is no wind.

Although the wave and the slope techniques are successful, the places where you can apply them are limited. Therefore, the pilots have discovered the thermal source of lifting which can be used on a plane field too. However, there are some restrictions as you need to find the thermal and to center it in order to make your glider fly. This is a bit complicated because each thermal is different but once you discover and measure it, the next times it will be much easier to center it. If none of these can be used, try the convergence source which is actually an area with wind coming from different directions. This is usually close to the sea.

As shown above, there are many places where you can start gliding if you do some basic research. Most of these areas have been already tested and measured, so you can enjoy gliding by choosing the place according to the source of lift you want to try.


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